C5 Activity – 08/05/2023 – 12/05/2023 – Using software to develop fun lessons; Customs and traditions

Main Activities

On preparatory meetings, the coordinators agreed on the agenda for the meeting and logistics preparations were made. The meeting activities were as follows: Day 1: In the morning, after the
welcoming greetings by the School headmaster and the Turkish team a opening ceremony was held with the participation of all partners. Each team of students presented their school, country
and everybody introduced themselves. We had a tour of the school and after that students had ice breaking activities. In the afternoon all the students were involved in sports games and a small
workshop aimed to promote mutual knowledge and to socialise. In the meantime, the teachers held a project meeting to discuss the ongoing project and the agenda and logistics of the week. Day
2: In the morning at school the students were involved in a workshop entitled “Poetry collage with google docs” where students were asked to write a poem in a collaborative manner. In the
afternoon students and teachers participated in a workshop about a traditional Turkish art form called “marbling”. After that, a workshop wa held, entitled “Create a literature blog with Google
Blogger” where the students were asked to write a story in a collaborative way. Day 3: Students participated in an activity called “Creating a book cover with canva”. Students in groups chose a
book and the with canva they designed a book cover. Groups discussed each other’s work and their creative and artistic choices. In the afternoon there was a field trip. All participants went to city
centre to visit a arts and crafts school who has a cultural museum attached. We were able to visit a school where students learn to create garments, pottery, glass panels etc. inspired in
traditional ancestral culture of the region. Day 4: We had a full day cultural trip to discover the beauties of the region. We visited the natural monument “Şahinkaya canyon” and the city and
province of Amasya. The city was founded approx. 4000 BC, and still is today a centre for development of art, culture, science and religion. Day 5: We had a diploma award ceremony, and a
farewell lunch and party for the students.

Mobility Results

All participants were fully involved in all planned activities. The students had once again the chance to improve their ICT skills, their social skills, critical thinking, collaborative working skills and
skills related to the decision making process. As the topic of the meeting was customs, traditions and literature, the activities focused on the cultural differences and how they show up on
language and literature. The activities of the week, being the workshops and the cultural activities were aimed specifically at this. for example, the choice of book covers, and poems was aimed at
showing the students these differences and how they also are similarities. On the technological side, all apps and tools were online and used in mixed collaborative groups. The week enriched all
participants as they grew in their acceptance of other’s cultures, traditions, cultural heritage and of course knowledge on online tools.