C4 Activity – 30/05/2022 – 03/06/2022 – Digital tools for Foreign Languages Studies

Main Activities

  1. Ice breaking activities and sightseeing in the center of Kardzhali;
  2. Workshops for creating projects in Prezi and in Google Earth;
  3. Workshop – Teaching with Songs – to practiced English knowledge through different interactive tasks;
  4. Creating a story in Storyboardthat.com;
  5. Online test “English Language Competition Grammar Rules Quiz” in Socrative.com.
  6. A cultural trip to the city of Plovdiv – discovering the city, to communicate and improve interpersonal skills, team spirit and cultural acceptance.

Mobility Results

The participation strengthened participants’ social and cross-cultural knowledge and acceptance on a personal basis, interest in self-development and understanding, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, growing their communication skills, language skills, extending their cultural scope, opportunities to build life-long friendship, promote appreciation of EU and national values and a sense of achievement.
At the professional level, accompanying teachers raised their understanding of other European educational systems, strategies and techniques used by their EU colleagues, raised awareness and implement modern learning approaches, improved analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
As far as long-term benefits are concerned, participants improved their skills to feel more relaxed in new settings, and an increased cultural awareness that will contribute towards their sense