C2 – Teachers meeting11/03/2019 to 15/03/2019

Gimnazija in srednja sola Rudolfa Maistra, Kamnik, Slovénia

The activities designed for this teacher meeting aimed at completing the learning units of the optional subject, discussing and choosing teaching strategies that integrate ICT teaching in learning and evaluation activities, both in and out of school.
Thus, the workshops, debates, roundtables, class observances, study visits, field activities, in which alongside the teachers involved in the project also participated Slovenian teachers and students, education specialists from the Ministry of Education, local decision-makers and representatives of economic agents, aimed at discussing the importance of new competences of the 21st century, choosing those methods and didactic strategies that would favour their acquisition, and especially the importance of ICT integration in the educational process.

Through class observation or demonstration class observation, followed by debates with the Slovenian teachers involved in national projects or education specialists such as Amela Stambolic Beganovic, the participants improved their knowledge of:
-using and integrating devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart board / video projector, and applications such as moodle, kahoot, nearpod, mentiri, padlet;
-modern teaching methods of correlating the theoretical part and laboratory activities using mobile devices for presentation, recording and interpreting the results;
-using modern teaching and evaluation methods which integrate ICT and reduce some negative effects.

Through a field visit, the participants used and correlated the modern technologies (tablets, smartphone, internet, automatic / electronic weather station, specialized applications – acquisition, recording, interpretation) with the classic collection of samples of natural, artificial snow and water from natural lakes. The samples taken were used in the following days for various physic-chemical analyses in demonstrative lessons.

The project activities have been included in both school and community activities. Thus, the participants took part in visits to the school laboratories and cabinets where they had discussions with the Slovenian teachers and students. In the first day , in front of a large group of Slovenian teachers and students, the 4 project partners presented their institutions, the main activities and achievements, followed by a question and discussion session.

The participants also took part in a press conference organized by the students of the press club, during which the objectives of the project were presented, as well as various aspects within each partner. The participants had meetings with students interested in ICT and Ecology, and debates were held on the issue of global warming. The participants gave brief interviews to 2 (national and local) televisions on the project. The presentation of the locality took place using the mobile application – action bound, in which the participants were accompanied by pupils of the Slovenian high school.